Started Beehives and bees
Started Beehives and bees
Started Beehives and bees

Started Beehives and bees

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Your hive will come with an established set up bees producing a healthy brood pattern. This hive will include a 10 frame bottom super, bottom board, top, and establishing colony.

These hives have a laying queen, bees to work, a good brood pattern for the ongoing growth and success of the hive. These hives include a bottom board, top, 10 frame deep with started brood frames in place, and 1 or more pollen with honey frames.

These hives will be ready for a 10 frame medium super. This is where your honey will be produced and harvest from.

The equipment you need as a backyard keeper

  • Bee keeping hood & jacket or full suit
  • Hive tool 
  • smoker
  • gloves
  • Brush
  • Hive stand - I recommend 1 - 2 feet up off of the ground.

Your bees will be a calm, gentle bee. These bees are easy to work and be around as long as you study, get to know, and understand how to work these bees. 

Delivery is available up to 100 miles from our farm. Deliveries leave our farm at dusk, but not before. 

Everything above is designed to give you the very best opportunity for a solid, strong hive for years to come.