Chic Chic Coop - The Ultimate Chicken Mansion

G Farms is here to bring you the very best, safest for your flock, most interactive, family fun chicken experience. This is an exclusive relationship for our customers in North & Central Texas.

Chick Chick Coop provides a quality chicken coop essential to your backyard chicken productivity. Our coops:

The Master Egg-rooms - where the ladies will leave you chicken butt fruit day after day. There are 4 Master Egg-rooms on each side of your coop. These are accessible from the ladies inside the coop and to you, children, and grandchildren from the outside with ease. The door has a locking hinge so you can prop the doors up while gathering eggs.

  • Designed to protect & keep predators OUT!
  • Built to last with galvanized steel framing
  • Easy to move with the three jack and trolley system & light weight aluminum framing
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to enter main gate on a sliding track & rail system
  • Includes a lock for the main gate
  • Family friendly, interactive, & FUN!
  • Protects your flock of pets with framing on all sides from the ground up, hardware cloth


  • "ChickenGuard" automatic timer opens & closes the night door at dusk & dawn
  • Planter boxes   
  • Back window & screen

CHOOSE YOUR COLOR FROM OUR COLOR BOARD - multiple skin colors and color combinations to choose from!

Standard coop with wheels $2750
Large coop with wheels $3750

**Automatic was Chicken Guard door ($285 installed)
**Back screen ($85 installed)
**Stained glass that mounts on the front of the coop ($260 installed)
**Weathervane that mounts to the top of the cupola ($225),
**Planter boxes that mount on the sides of the coop ($125 each or 2 for $200)
**Automatic Treadle Feeder ($180/standard or $250/large)
**Solar Chandelier System ($325)
**Large Back Doors + Screen ($285 installed)

Half down to place order
Balance due on delivery

- [ ] The coop is fully assembled when it is delivered.

Standard coop is 6 X 9 at the base and 8"6' X 9 with the laying boxes on each side
Large coop is 6X12 at the base and 8”6’X12 with the laying boxes on each side
(You must call to place an order)

Our coops are built to last!  You will never have to purchase another coop!

** the Chick Chick Coop comes assembled. After ordering, we will contact you with your delivery details. Any fencing that needs to be removed & replaced in order to stage your Chicken Mansion is the responsibility of the property / home owner. 

Construction orders are placed upon receiving deposits. Therefore, deposits & partial payments are non-refundable if you cancel your order.