A History of Hay

This week, me and my family went to Great Smoky Mountains National Park. While we got to see a lot of amazing wildlife and hike in the forest, we also got to see quite a few historic buildings. There are several log cabins in the park that were built hundreds of years ago, and it is interesting to explore them, and see how people used to live. In one of the barns, we found that there was old hay baling equipment. 


An old hay rake


I found it fascinating seeing equipment that was used hundreds of years ago. I also think it is interesting that when I am baling hay, I am doing something that has been important to farmers for a long time. Even though the machinery has become much more sophisticated and technical, the result is still very similar to years before. 

Although I will say, I do enjoy being able to be in an air-conditioned tractor, that drives a lot faster than an oxen drawn cart would.  

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