Our Testimonials

We work very hard to give every customer the very best experience. We have well over 100 Five-Star reviews... and climbing. I am humbled by each. These drive me to continue to improve at every opportunity.

I started with a chef council, seeking out some of the very best. These chefs have been gracious enough to share their culinary knowledge with me so to continually give our customers the absolute best experience. These chefs have been my guide from hanging time, what cuts to take, to the depth cuts of our steaks; all specific to grass-fed.

Here are some examples of what our customers have to say: 

Hello all!! 
I know many of you have ordered from Willie, and some may still be on the fence. But I thought I would give you a little direction off the fence! 😁

My husband is a pretty tall guy, about 6'5 and 205-210lbs. He was having crazy labs repeatedly with high triglycerides/cholesterol. We couldn't figure out why and what was going on. We had changed cooking styles, no fast food, no fried or fatty food..but those numbers would not budge. He does work many hours and I pack him healthy snacks and lunches to keep the temptations of buying a burger on the go away.
We found Willie in I want to say April or May. We put in an order for 1/8th and my goodness it has been amazing! 
My husband went back to the doctor in late July and we were dreading his labs..because medicine talks were being put into place. Because we had done diet, exercise and everything except medication.

His levels have dropped from the high range back into the norma range! This summer was a busy one, so his exercise was sporadic at best and the only thing we had changed was WHERE we bought our meat from. 
His doctors told us that whatever we did, we need to keep it up because he loves the numbers he got back!
We will only be buying our beef from Willie and are so excited to put in another order and get new numbers! 
Thank you Willie!!

- Lacota

Feeding a family can be expensive, but feeding them well is priceless. In today’s world of highly processed, genetically modified, and unknown sourced food, it can feel impossible to feed your family well. G Farms offers many options for any size family on any budget. Really…any size family. We are a family of three, so the 1/8 size was perfect for our smaller family. The overall experience was fantastic and I wanted to share a few details on aspects that were particularly important to me.

Quality – extremely high-quality and definitely better than anything you’ll find at the grocery store or from higher end specialty stores like Omaha or Kansas City steaks.

Cost – the per pound price is very reasonable – and the pricing is consistent across all cuts (beef, steaks, and roasts).

Convenience – Willie and his team made the transaction so easy from online ordering, perfect packaging, delivery, and personal review of all cuts.

Buying local – beef is raised and harvested in Forney.

Customer experience – far exceeded my expectations. Most people would describe me as picky, demanding, and hard to please, yet Willie and his team surpassed my expectations every step of the way. Think five-star, white glove, concierge-level service (minus the stuffy, pretentious attitudes of some concierges).

I highly recommend G Farms and Willie, my Cow Concierge!

- P. Serio

We have been looking for a better way to get our beef and after doing research, found G Farms. We were still a bit skeptical and still researching when I found out there was going to be a Valentine's Day event at The Wood Shoppe where G Farms would be supplying the steak for dinner. I quickly jumped at the opportunity to sample the goods before going all in on an order! Let me say, the meal was incredible and the information priceless! We can hardly wait to receive the split we ordered! This was the 2nd time this event has been held and I encourage everyone to sign up and attend if future ones are held! We got a delicious meal, a beautiful sign and great fellowship with other couples! Thank you to all who were involved in this get together!! - M Cobb

Y’all I’m so excited! I got my delivery from G Farms Cowpooling. They brought it in, unloaded it for me and explained everything. Took the time to answer questions, their service is Top Notch! I’d highly recommend them! Amazing service from placing my order to delivery!
#cantwaittoeat #allnatural #wayGodintended #getinmybelly - D. Howard

I just received my first grass-fed quarter and started with a rib-eye. Best steak I've ever had. Can't wait to savor the rest of the cuts. Willie provides great advice for how to prepare them all. If you're looking for "local" and excellent, G Farms is it. - B Brown

G-Farms is amazing, and so is its owner, Willie Grubaugh. The meat is great quality, the customer service is excellent, and I like not having to do stress runs to the grocery store anymore to get last minute (unhealthy) dinners. I get a monthly delivery, I take out a roast or some cuts the night before, and by morning they are defrosted and ready to go into the crock pot in the morning or onto the stove or grill in the evening. Having a stockpile of healthy, grass-fed beef on hand gives you incentive each night to decide on what to have for dinner the next day. I really could not be happier with this setup! - J Settle Attorney at Law

G Farms has provided exceptional customer service and quality meat for our family. Willie does a fantastic job of being available to his clients, for any and all questions. The cowpool program is a perfect way for our family to stock our freezer with delicious, grass-fed, locally raised beef, without the stress of sourcing it ourselves. I appreciate all the details that go into this service and have been very happy with our meat we have cooked so far. If you want healthy, NO CORN EVER, locally raised meat for your family, call G Farms! - K Tijerina / Realtor

I was a little skeptical about the beef tasting better but after the first bite, I won’t be able to buy from the store again. They give great recipes and rubs. They are accessible if you have any questions. The customer service is top notch I can’t say enough about the service and product. - A Cariker / Realtor

G Farms experience has been amazing. The quality of the meat, and the quality of service is unmatched. I will be recommending G farms to all my friends and family! - The Armstrong Family

We have enjoyed having this grass fed beef. So convenient that we don’t have to run out to the store anytime we want a steak, roast, burger, or even to make homemade bone broth. We have been super pleased. Willie Grubaugh is a great country soul that loves his God and his family and his customers and treats all with the upmost kindness and respect. If you have a problem he wants you to talk to him directly so he can make you happy with the products he is providing. I refer him all the to me to my family and friends!! We will be ordering again!!  - Van Ness Heating & Air

The best tasting meat I've ever had in my life, grass fed is truly a huge difference maker, I absolutely love it. The owner and company are incredible people and deliver the meat to your house and will even stack it in your freezer to save you the hassle. I'll never buy beef any other way. Thank you G Farms, you guys are amazing. - A Zon

Willie and his 2 lovely interns ( Morgan and a sweet blonde girl -I’m so sorry I can’t remember her name) delivered our 1/4 cow today right on time. The delivery could not have gone smoother! Morgan called to let me know they were about 4 miles away and a few minutes later they pulled up. After a friendly handshake and warm smiles they asked where we would like the meat. We had them come around to our garage and the 2 young ladies unloaded an entire cooler of beef for me and tucked it away in my freezer. While they were doing that, Willie explained in detail the 5 chef-recommended steps to preparing and cooking our fresh grass fed beef. Outstanding service! I can’t wait to try it and will definitely be a repeat customer. We moved here to Heath from Rockford, Il 2 yrs ago and I’ve never met anyone like Willie. He is excellent with communication via text and social media and clearly takes great pride in what he provides. Well done Willie and girls and thanks again! - H. Bergstedt

Contacted Willie on ordering 1/8 spilt and he walked me through the process. Ordering was a breeze and delivery was prompt and quick. He and Jarrod provided us with cooking details and a call/text away if we needed any assistance w the cooking process. These guys are amazing and their service shows.We are impressed with the meat. Fresh hamburgers and steaks came out great! The flavor is amazing and yes you'll notice a difference from store bought and grass fed. What are you waiting for? Contact them today for your meat needs! - S. Bixby

 My husband and I received our quarter a couple of days ago from G Farms and we couldn’t be more excited, from ordering, delivery to consumption, Willie and Jarred go above and beyond to ensure you are completely satisfied throughout and beyond the sale. The quality and flavor of this grass fed beef far exceeds any “store bought grass fed” product and at a much lower price. We love this and will likely never go back to purchasing our beef from a store shelf again. Willie and Jarred’s professionalism and knowledge are very impressive so if you’ve been on the fence about ordering... try it, you won’t be disappointed!! - Jessica Z