We put families together to purchase a live animal. We handle putting all of the groupings together for you behind the scenes so you don't have to go find the other parties. Our flat rate includes taking our cattle to the processor, the cost of processing, and your portion of the cow - 1/8, 1/4. or 1/2. Our carcasses hang up around 600 - 650 lbs. 

We hang our beef for 21 days! What does that do for you? Meat hanging is a culinary process used in beef aging. Hanging improves the flavor of meats by allowing the natural enzymes in the meat to break down the tissue through dry aging. The process also allows the water in the meat to evaporate, further concentrating the flavor.
You pay one flat rate across the board for every cut, all of the service, all of the quality steps in place behind the scenes, and ongoing access to us at the farm before, during, and after your delivery. We also help with monthly inventory management and check-in so you don't run out before your next delivery.

We work with a processor that staffs a USDA inspector on site 24/7 including nights, weekends, & holidays. ALL of our carcasses are tested by the USDA inspectors for disease, antibiotics, and other health related issues. We do this for your confidence. Other processors do not do this because around the clock inspection is an added cost to the processor.  These processors will only, or are only allowed to hang the beef for up to 10 days. This shortcut cheats you on tenderizing, flavor, and your overall experience.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
What you need to know and why is G Farms Cowpooling different from other farms                                                                                                                                                                                                              
  • Average turn around time from ordering is about 6 weeks
  • We hang and age our beef for twenty one days prior to processing, hence the turn around time
  • Our hanging weight for the 1/4 is around 150 - 175 lbs hanging
  • A 1/4 needs about 4 cubic feet of freezer space. Half that for an 1/8, twice that for the 1/2
  • All of our cattle are antibiotic free, growth hormone free, free of any chemical agents and residue
  • All of our beef is processed under USDA inspection with an inspector onsite 24/7 to include nights, weekends, and holidays.
  • The USDA inspects for health, disease, & cancer. They immediately test for antibiotic and chemical agents. All the above would condem the beef not fit for human consumption.
  • My farm is five star rated with well over 100 reviews on Google and Facebook
  • I deliver the beef to your home
  • We go through every cut upon delivery
  • We put it all in the freezer in an organized manner for you as part of the delivery
  • We review best handling of the beef and packaging so to preserve the longest in your freezer and prevent freezer burn
  • During delivery, you get the five steps to the $100 plate from our Chef Council
  • You will receive a steak meal prep specific to grass-fed steak and exclusive to my customers
  • You will receive a call the Thursday prior to delivery for scheduling
  • You will receive a follow up call the week after delivery
  • You will receive a monthly call to help manage your inventory, help evaluate your consumption rate, and project when you should place your next order to avoid running out prior to your next delivery

Shopping around? We get it. So here is what do you need to know and look for

  1. NOT just a five star rating, but HOW many reviews and what do their customers say about accessibility, communication, response times, customer service, and the quality. Five, ten, or even 15 reviews does not yet reflect a consistency. Look for fifty, seventy five, or one hundred plus reviews and consistency within them.
  2. Are the reviews close friends and family?
  3. Are the reviews on both Google & Facebook?
  4. What are the hanging weights of their carcasses? Because that is what you are paying for, no matter how you slice it.
  5. How long have they been farming, in business, and what is their background / experience?
  6. Do you have to go find other parties to go in with you? Essentially selling for the farm? Or can you order at any time on your own?
  7. Do you have to get all the money together, or are you only responsible for your payment? Essentially collections for the farm?
  8. Are they helpful in how to best prepare the beef, or is that between you, trial & error, and online research? We have done the research for you!
  9. What is hanging and aging time for your beef? IT MAKES A HUGE DIFFERENCE 7-15 days vs. 21 days for hanging and aging.
  10. Are they friendly, easily accessible, and knowledgeable in all aspect from the cattle and agriculture to preparations, storage, to the final product on your plate?
  11. What about after the sale? How are they after you received your order?
Want G Farms Cowpooling to be a part your employer's benefits package? Ask your human resources director to call to learn how to set this up at no cost to the employer, while providing a discount for employees. We are extending benefit plans to companies in North Texas and the Austin area. WIN, WIN right? Call 214-244-3871 or email willie@gfarmsonline.com