Bees are the most fascinating creatures. They are interesting to study, exciting to watch, and learn from. Their work ethic and system are nothing short of impressive! 
DO WE OFFER HIVE REMOVAL? - YES. We have been doing hive removals and relocations for a few years now. To schedule a beehive consultation and removal, call Willie directly at 214-244-3871.
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Every bee in the hive has a job and serves a purpose. The queen's only job is to lay eggs and a drone's job is to mate with the queen. The worker bees are responsible for everything else: gathering nectar, guarding the hive and honey, caring for the queen and larvae, keeping the hive clean, and producing honey.
We offer swarm and hive removals. It is important to know with hive removals, tear out is often involved. We do the tear out, but you are responsible for any build back and repairs. 
HONEY - what every one is after for health and healing benefits! Honey is seasonal, so once we are sold out, that is it for the year. This is why it is not listed on our site under our products year round. 
Honey is well known for its high volume of antioxidants, antibiotics, healing, allergy benefits, soothing a sore throat, and more. Honey is known to boost the immunity system.