Land Management

We offer several options for land management through G Farms.

We partner with landowners is several ways

  • Cattle - We can take the burden that comes with a cattle operation off your hands. If you are tired of the day to day, but still want the benefits of cattle on your land, we have the right solution for you. 
  • Hay - hay is a great way to maintain your property and ag exemption. We have a couple of options for you here. We can bale the hay for you. We can bale and keep the hay.
  • Bees - Bees are the most interesting option for many. Again, we supply the bees and oversee the hives. Bees work with any size property. 

Through each or any combination of the above, we partner with landowners to take the burdens of fencing, maintenance, feeding cows during inclement weather & through the winter, and more. Through doing so, we help maintain your ag exemption with your county with proper photos and expenditures for proof. We will assist you in maintaining your ag exemption folder year round, so it never comes into question. 

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