A Lesson In Perseverance

Last week, when Willie was showing me how to use the baler, it refused to properly wrap a bale of hay. We tried multiple times over the course of several hours, with varying levels of success. Even when it would wrap the bale, some of the net would get clogged in the baler, and it would take forever to get it cleaned out. The final time we tried, the bale was not wrapped at all, and we had to clean out all of the hay from the machine. As we were working out the grass that was stuck, Willie turned to me, and said, "Do you know what this is?" confused, I answered no, to which he replied, "A lesson in perseverance."

Simple as it was, that stuck with me all week. Perseverance is defined as "Doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. It is an important trait for anyone to have if they want to be successful, and yet, it is easy to find people that would rather give up when it gets hard. I have needed to have perseverance to be successful in this internship, especially with trying to balance summer classes. It has definitely paid off though, as I have been able to learn a lot in this internship. I can already tell where I have grown as a person. For example, I am not nearly as nervous to talk to people I don't know, or ask questions, which were both things I dreaded before taking this internship. I am extremely grateful for the skills I have gained so far, and look forward to what else this internship brings. 

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  • Way to go – soak up the lessons; and thanks for sharing !!


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