A Month into the Journey

It's been nearly a month since I started working at G Farms. I have learned a tremendous amount, and I have enjoyed it. I feel like I am finally getting into my groove as an intern, and it feels good. Tomorrow, we start baling hay. I have never baled hay before, so I am nervous, but also excited. That has been a theme of this internship. I have been nervous before doing a new task like talking to customers or taking orders or meeting new people in general, but then I have forced myself to do it, and now I am not nervous anymore.

I have been reading the same book as my fellow intern, Isabel. It’s called Fanatical Prospecting. One of the shocking things that I read in this book is that twenty percent of a company makes eighty percent of the money. I had no idea. This lit a fire under me and made me think to myself that I am not going to be one of those people that does the minimum amount required and is carried along by those twenty percent superstars. I am going to be one of those superstars. Obviously, I am new and I have to understand the rules of the game before I can win, but I have the basics down at this point, so I am on my way. That’s also something I have been very grateful about. I have messed up a ton of times so far, but Willie and Kelsey have shown me the right way to do things instead of scolding me. I have gone through both, and let me tell you, I prefer the G Farms way of doing things.

One of my main passions is soccer, so I am very excited at the moment. The Euros and Copa America are on right now. This represents a return to normalcy for me, the soccer world, and for the world, in general, because now the biggest worry for fans isn’t if the games will be held, but instead how our favorite teams will be doing in the tournament. Life is good on the farm and in the soccer world, and that’s enough for me.

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