Costumer interactions and 5 steps to the perfect plate

These past few weeks, Willie and I have gone out Mondays and Tuesday’s for delivery’s. Me being around a month into the internship have begun to be more interactive with costumers and telling them the five steps to the perfect plate.

1. thawing

2. tenderizing

3. seasoning 

4. cooking

5. resting 

I have take time to prep our own stakes for my family and I have can tell the difference.  The stakes are great and my family loves them. Having doing these steps myself I am able to help describe them better to our costumers. Each time I have gone out for delivery’s I learn something new and have more confiding in myself that if it ever came to just me making delivery’s, I would do a good job. 

As I have now finished the book Raving Fans, I can see how important the costumer interactions are. People want to be liked and be involved without trying. In return for there purchase we want them to feel involved in what we do here at G Farms. We do that by having confidence in the beef we sell and forming a personal relationship with our costumers to show them how much we value their family, their home, and their word.  



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