Customer Spotlight Blog and Fanatical Prospecting Finale

This week, I wanted to do something different. I wanted to do a customer spotlight where essentially, I highlight a specific customer and tell y'all why I think they're terrific. My inaugural customer spotlight is Jeanette Frosch. I called her up a couple of days ago just to see if she would be open to the idea. She was and I'm super grateful because I had so much fun learning about her.

I only had five basic questions but we ended up speaking on the phone for about forty minutes. I asked her different things about her life. One of the things that stood out most was she used to raise thirteen different types of dogs and have a grooming store! I only have three dogs but they're a big responsibility. Jeanette got my respect right off the bat.

These days, Jeanette and her husband raise three horses, a donkey, and five cats. They stay busy with work and their animals and stay in shape by skipping a big evening meal. I am envious of Jeanette's energy and will-power for sure.

Lastly, I wanted to see what drew Jeanette to G Farms. She told me she met Willie and Amy at Sessions BBQ in Cash, Texas where she remembered having to wait for over an hour in line. She said she likes supporting local businesses and she likes that we raise our own cattle as opposed to just being the middle man. Jeanette was raised on a Texas Panhandle farm, so she understands farm life and was eager to support a farm in the area. She also told me the quality of our beef as compared with the grocery store is night and day. 

It's always good getting insight from our customers to see what they're all about and what their needs and wants are. I don't believe you can run a good business and have a good product if you do not know what the customers want. 

In other news, I finished Fanatical Prospecting by Jeb Blount. The book was very insightful and is a must-read for any intern or anybody, in general, looking to get into sales. I use the lessons I learn every day, and I am very glad Willie recommended I read it. One final quote/lesson from the book to close out the FP blog posts: "Do more than is required and go the extra mile." Dang, that's true!

Well, what does going the extra mile mean for us, then? It means taking great care of our cattle, calling on our customers not with the intent of selling every time but genuinely seeing if we can make their day a little easier in whatever battle they find themselves in. It means clear, open and reliable communication and following up with customers so that if we miss the mark, we can troubleshoot to make sure it doesn't happen again. It means doing our absolute best to make sure every person we interact with is better than when we found them. It means on the rare occasion we don't have the product someone wants, we're confident in stating so and we try to offer a referral to someone who we trust and can fill their needs.

I'm proud to be a part of G Farms and I'll continue to go the extra mile for all of you. 

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