Dove Season

Dove season is right around the corner and I can’t wait. If you read my first blog, I talk a lot about hunting and how much it impacts my life. Dove season is known as the start of every hunting season. After the winter months there is not much to do when it comes to hunting so hunters like me turn to fishing to past the time by faster. So, when dove season comes there is just no way to hide my excitement. Doves are not my favorite bird or animal to hunt but it is the start of a new hunting season, so that makes it much better.

  One thing about dove hunting is that you can hang out with a larger group of people, talk in a regular voice, and not have to be deck out in full camo. To me it is more about spending time with close friends and family then having an amazing hunt. Don’t get me wrong every time I go dove hunting, I plan to limit out but to me its not the ultimate goal. As long as I can be with my friends and family, shoot some birds, drink some beer, and eat dove poppers I have no reason to complain.

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