Emotional Strength and Your Horse

Emotional Strength and Your Horse

Science continues to study the emotional connection between humans and animals. For centuries animals have been connecting with humans on deep levels. You have dogs that can sense when their owners are having a panic attack or seizures. Gorillas can communicate and share their feelings with their human caretaker and horses are used for emotional and physical rehabilitation.  

As I continue to read about horses and the role our emotions have when working with them; I have learned that it is extremely important to have emotional strength. Horses are known to mirror their horseman's behavior.  If you go into the arena/pen angry and full of attitude you are most likely going to have a difficult and unpleasant experience with your horse. But if you walk out with confidence and a peaceful demeanor your horse will also sense your emotional stability.  You will start to earn his trust each time you exert this type of energy. Consistency is key when you want to earn your horses respect. Check those emotions before you step foot near your horse. Not only will this allow you to have a better relationship with your horse but it will challenge you to grow in other areas of your life.

Working with horses has proven to help boost self esteem. It also helps provide healing from emotional stress/abuse as well as aide in physical rehabilitation. As I continue to learn about horsemanship, I hope to grow in my own self-esteem and continue to heal from my own past experiences.

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Kelsey Julian G Farms Business Intern


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