Excavator property clean out recap

For the past few weeks I have had the opportunity to try something new on the construction/landscaping side of things. We had an excavator rental for a week and had two projects to take care of in one week.

One being a hay property belonging to Gail Spann (great lady) that I cut and baled. On that property there are a few water ditch run offs that were full of trash debris from a previous house project. Working the excavator was fun and I was  able to catch on quickly how to maneuver it well. That was not the hard part. I learned very quickly how fast it takes to load up a dump trailer with brick, roofing, insulation, carpet, etc. the weight of the trailer was to heavy for the hydraulics to lift the load out. Willie and I decided to continue with not putting the bricks and concrete in the dump trailer anymore and just focus on the trash. We used the brick and concrete to help refill the ditches and eventually go back over with dirt and sand to even it out. With the last few loads being just trash, it made it lighter and easier to unload the trailer and bring it back to the property to finish up.

the second project was digging out Willie’s pond. This one was more simple in the fact that it was just digging up dirt and moving it to the side of the pond to make a natural dam to hold the water. We ran out of time on our rent to finish Willie’s but we got a good chunk of it done and will finish it up when we have other projects we need to rent out an excavator for. 

this week I have started reading fanatical prospecting. A book about the importance of all the tactics of selling and how to go about them properly. I have already learned that there is no easy or fun way of selling, cold calls, emails, social media, etc. wether you are a beginner or an experience sells person, non of those tactics are fun. The ones that are good at it face that difficult fact and do it anyways. They are relentless and don’t make excuses to go out and get the job done. They are consistent and keep their pipelines full. They don’t take off time after a good week or good month because then they know they would be playing catch up. They keep at it each day and make sure they always have things lined up by boing the cold calls, emails, social media, etc. when others don’t want to.

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