Fanatical Prospecting

Last week I learned a lot about customer service and what goes into every order that goes on behind the scenes. We went on deliveries and I made my first post delivery calls. When you order with us the week after you will receive a call from some one on our team to check in with you, see what cuts you've used and listen to any feedback you may have. 

Throughout these few weeks I've been here I have been reading, "Fanatical Prospecting". I like this book for a few different reasons, it talks about how if you want something in life, business, and even sales you have to get up and work for it yourself. Nothing in life will be handed to you, so it's important to be able to write down goals and do what it takes to obtain it. The book also talks about the many different aspects that go into customer service and I see these in our day to day with customers. 

I have also delivered a few half orders and have learned that they are meant for families of 5 or more. If you have a smaller family and order the half the quality of the beef will start to diminish after 10-12 months and it may start to taste like the freezer. We take pride in the quality of our beef and when we see you have ordered the half we will ask how many you are feeding to help you choose the package that will be best for your family. 

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