First Blog - Getting to Know Me

My name is John Hamilton, but I go by Jack. I was born to Liz and Tim Hamilton on November 27, 2001. I grew up in North Dallas for a while before moving out to Las Vegas with my family for a couple of years. Both of my parents are from there so it was an easy adjustment. I attended middle school there and one year of high school before moving back to the DFW area before sophomore year of high school. I have one sibling; her name is Kate and she is two years younger than me.

I attend Texas A&M University and I am majoring in Agribusiness. I have always had a passion for business, and I started loving agriculture in high school. I realize that most of business is forming great relationships, and that is why I am excited to be here. After reading customer testimonials and meeting the team, I know that G Farms values integrity and quality more than anything. This is why I am here. Meeting customers’ goals and going above and beyond is what we are known for, and I intend to continue this culture.

I recently finished reading a book called Raving Fans. It was a real eye opener. I’ll be honest, it was not my idea to read the book. It was passionately recommended to me by a guy I look up to, so I thought I would give it a shot. Fifteen pages in, I understood the hype. In this book, I read about meeting customers’ needs on a consistent basis and never forgetting our standard. I also learned that when you set out in business, you need to have a firm vision. As you get customers, they will fill in the gaps, and once that is done, you are on your way to making everyone happy. I see this in G Farms every day when we try to go above and beyond to help everyone we can.

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