My First Week at G Farms

Now the first time I pulled in at the G Farms driveway, I was quite nervous. This nervousness soon commenced to die down as Willie welcomed me and ordered me to do some tasks. After that, it was smooth sailing. My first day was a remarkable day as we spent all day delivering beef to the customers in the Fort Worth/Decatur area. I quickly learned to be diligent with my work and make the customers feel as they have been serviced in the best way possible. My second day, a shorter day than the first, was more local. I got to see the customers who have heard so many good things about G Farms. These customers were subject to those stories as they were also treated great. I learned the 5 Steps to the Perfect Plate during this trip, which was harder than I thought it was going to be. These first two days have been nothing but great learning for me. I was also assigned a book to read called "Raving Fans." I haven't finished the book, but from what I have read, it has taught me the importance of customer service. One cannot be pleased with a "satisfied" customer, you have to create raving fans. On Wednesday, we went around the corner to a construction site where an extension of the driveway and a concrete slab was being built. There, I learned how concrete was poured and the business behind it. It takes a lot of work to manage a project like that. Lastly on Thursday, we had a meeting in the morning pointing out every employees strengths and concerns, it really helped with getting comfortable with everybody. I analyzed my own behavior and attitude which is great for self-improvement. Overall, my first week as an intern at G Farms has already impacted me in many ways!

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