Getting to Know Me

My name is Leah Lopez, I am a First Year student attending Tarleton State University and will be considered a Junior in the Spring 2022 Semester. I am majoring in Pre-Veterinary Medicine, with a minor in Business, after I complete my Undergrad at Tarleton, I will be attending Vet School to become a Large Animal Veterinarian. After I accomplish this goal, another goal of mine is to open my own clinic for Large and Small Animals. 

I have been at G Farms for a week and have already learned so much. Customer Interaction and getting to call them and have that personal connection is really important. This week I have also learned how to fix fence and how it takes heart and muscle to be ale to get the task done. As well as working horses, I had never been around horses before this week, but it is definitely something I look forward to learning more about. 

Currently I am reading "Raving Fans," written by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles. This book so far has taught me that satisfied customers aren't good enough, because most people expect poor service so it's harder for them to accept good service when they don't believe it's genuine. I have also learned two of the three secrets to creating Raving Fans, the first on being Decide What You Want by creating a vision of perfection centered on the customer. The second one is Discover What the Customer Wants. I look forward to finishing the book and learning more about customer service and how to better myself.



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  • We are proud of the young lady you have become! Keep dreaming big and putting in the work. We know God has big plans for you and we are excited to share in your journey ♥️

    Delores Lopez

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