Keeping the Balance

As I get ready to go back to Tarleton in a few weeks, I am almost done with my last summer class and have continued to learn so much. Continuing my business internship here at the farm throughout the school year again gives me the opportunity to continue to grow and be 1% better each day while I further my education. With about a year left of undergrad, I have been apart of G Farms for almost all of my college career.

That being said, I have learned how to efficiently balance school, work, and extracurriculars. This year I am adding on becoming a small group leader for an organization at Tarleton, Paradigm. This community has been amazing to plug into every week with Thursday night worship and weekly bible study small groups, and being discipled by a great friend. I look forward to adding to this organization and give my time to help incoming students get plugged in as well. 

I've said it in past blogs, but one thing that really helps me stay on track and focused is making written lists and crossing them out as I accomplish the tasks. With my chemistry class this has been extremely helpful and has helped me keep an A with 2 weeks left in the 5 week semester! I am proud of myself for doing this with a chemistry class and learning so much in such a short time. As I go back to school, I will continue to get in a routine and keep making lists to help me get and stay ahead in my harder classes. With a lot on my plate and starting to look into vet school requirements for the summer, it will be a lot I look forward to adjusting to college again and making the most of it. I am excited to be surrounded by friends who help me through little and big challenges and a great community of believers who will make any hard week better! 

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