Mistakes were made...

Week 3 post: 

High: I made my first beef sale! My sister came from Kansas and visited us for the week. 

Low: I forgot to lower the wheels on the baler and missed hay in one of the fields we baled this week and my car got pulled over twice in one day! (My headlight went out.) 

Buffalo: I found two stray Australian shepherd mixes. We named them Jonny and June. Unfortunately, we had to surrender them to a shelter in Denton.

Mistakes were made: 

Throughout our days we have the ability things happen to us, good or bad, most of which we have no control over, other things we might have been able to completely avoided had we done one thing differently. Regardless of the circumstances there is one thing that we are always able to control. Our reaction. This week I made a mistake while baling a field and it would have been so easy to get down on myself and complain till the cows come home. What would that have fixed? I had already made the mistake, the damage was done. Instead, I chose to take a moment, play my favorite worship music, and turn my eyes to my Lord. I remind myself that this is a chance I get to chose Him and grow instead of staying stuck in a feeling of incompetence. By recognizing this choice I was more aware of the consequences of my emotions and mindset. One leads to maturity and the ability to move on with a glad heart while the other will leave you constantly unsatisfied with life and filled with contempt. It is our choice which way we step.

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