My First Delivery


On Monday, June 10th I got the opportunity to go on my first deliveries as a member of the G Farms team.  In the past, the distance between me and Willie & our hectic schedules combined to make it pretty hard for me to accompany him on deliveries.  Finally, this time around, that wasn’t the case.  I have a month long break from classes and decided to come home to visit my family in Forney.  The distance between us couldn’t be a restriction anymore. I had been looking forward to this day for a while. Interacting with all of our customers over the phone and social media has been great.  Getting to know our customers and their stories has been nothing short of a phenomenal experience. Although, I had never gotten to meet our customers face to face. I think it’s safe to say no type of interaction is better than being right in front of the person you’re communicating with.  Today was the day I finally got to meet some of our customers & I couldn’t have been more excited for the journey me and Willie had ahead of us.

The Journey Begins

I arrived at Willie’s house shortly before 6 AM.  Since I’m in Forney for only a brief period visiting family, I didn’t have my entire wardrobe to choose from.  I came equipped with a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt (it was the best I could find). We hopped in the truck and were soon headed East on our way to pick up the beef from Mineola Packing Company.  We left Mineola around 8 AM with a full truck and full stomachs from a pit-stop at Sonic.  South we go!

The Long Drive Down

Me and Willie had quite a bit of windshield time together on the drive down to Austin.  Keep in mind, I’m located in San Marcos and he is located in Forney.  This was our first opportunity to spend more than a couple of hours together face to face.  We exchanged plenty of questions back and forth and made great conversation.  The ride down was a great learning experience for me.  Willie had a lot of great advice & we played an audiobook through the radio to assist me in honing my skills.  

Making the Deliveries

Fast forward to a little bit after noon.  After a long drive through the hill country filled with roads that felt like roller coasters, a variety of wildlife, and some beautiful views - We finally made it to our first delivery.

Here's a photo I captured of the wildlife we encountered.  The doe and fawn looked beautiful in their natural habitat.  The picture hardly does it justice!

I followed Willie’s lead, and throughout the day I slowly transitioned into a larger role.  I made my mistakes, as we all do, but Willie was there to correct me & teach me the right way to do things.  We delivered to 8 different homes scattered across the Austin area & met some great people along the way. At each stop, we were greeted by very welcoming and warm people.  We organized the cuts in their freezers & told them the best preparation methods for their grass fed beef.  I will admit, Willie’s ability to go over the steps to the $100 plate is far superior to mine.  We worked our way through the deliveries together, stopping only for some gas station tacos (they were amazing, by the way) and the occasional bathroom break.

All in a Day's Work

After we completed the last delivery, it was time to head home.  The sun was already setting and we had yet another long drive ahead of us.  By the time we arrived back in Forney, it was nearing 11 PM & to say we were exhausted is an understatement.  After a long day on the road, the sense of accomplishment outweighed the exhaustion. It felt great to ride along and be a part of these deliveries.  The experience gave me a much deeper sense of appreciation for what we do at G Farms, as well as the individual customers who I had the privilege of meeting.  

During our all-day road trip, Willie was able to critique and assist me with a variety of things.  From our conversations on the road to meeting some of our customers face to face, I feel as if I have improved in a lot of areas & have a better understanding of what it means to represent G Farms.  I am impatiently looking forward to our next delivery!


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