My First Time Baling Hay

Today was the first day I ever baled hay. It was a bit intimidating at first, and I definitely did not want to be the intern that messed up the tractor, but I got through it without breaking anything or getting hurt so that is a win in my book. I liked that I was able to look back, and see how much work I got done. I have always been someone that has a million questions in how things work in the world, and I have been curious on how exactly one makes a hay bale. I find the process interesting, and am glad that I got my questions answered today. 

Another thing that I have always been curious about was the Facebook algorithm. I have always preferred Instagram, so I never really used Facebook until I had to for this internship. Because of that, I really had no idea how it worked, or how to use it. That changed this Saturday when I went to a Facebook Masterclass hosted by Jared Guynes, to learn about the algorithm. I found it really interesting, as social media is such a vital part of society today, yet not many people stop and think about how it filters content to show you what you are interested in. 

Even the book I am reading currently, Fanatical Prospecting, talks about the importance of having updated social profiles. By keeping my social media updated, I can gain credibility with customers, and they can ensure that I am the type of person that they want to be interacting with. Sometimes it is weird to realize how social media can impact your future, but that makes it all the more important. 

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  • Good job!

    Gene luman

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