My first week on the farm!

This is the first week I have done anything with the beef company. I've been here since late August working solely around the farm. I had heard about having to make calls to talk to customers, and making orders, and to be honest it was a little scary because I knew that I would be put up to do it at some point.

So now it's my turn. I got to go on deliveries for the first time. I learned about talking to customers, over the phone and in person. I also learned about the beef side of the company, how to handle the beef, how to store it in the customers freezer. This teaches you a lot about respect, and customer service. Both of those come from making the phone calls, and having to go into someone's house. If you aren't respectful of the customer, whether its in there house or over the phone. That puts out a bad message. But if you are using those interactions to create a new relationship the whole interaction will be different, whether it's on the phone or in person.

The book I'm reading is called "Raving Fans," by Ken Blanchard and Shelton Bowels, it's a book on how to better your customer service. I have learned a lot and it's only my third day reading. My biggest take away right now is "It's the little things that count". If you want a store that serves coffee with a warm welcome when you walk in, you make that happen. If you want to have the nicest bathrooms in town, you do it. When the little details that the customer see's is what your care about the customer service will show. 

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