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Hello, my name is Jake. I am currently working as an intern at G Farms. A little bit about me, I am a junior at Rockwall High School. I am currently serving as one of our FFA chapter officers. I have a big interest in agriculture, mechanics, and law enforcement. My plans after high school are to attend college and become a Texas Game Warden.

Recently a lot has happened in terms of equipment on the farm. The best thing so far is we got our rake fixed, we got our new part and with lots of WD40 we got the rake arm back on and it runs like butter now. Another thing is that we will finally be getting our tractor back after not having it most of the summer we will finally be running two tractors again. On the downside the ac has busted in the tractor we are running now, and I got to say 106 temperatures and an enclosed cab don't mix at all.

Some things I have learned is how to plan my route better this field we are at has multiple obstacles with it being trees, ditches, or old hay bales I have learned how to look at the field and determine the best and smoothest possible route to take so the baler can run smoothly through it.

At G Farms we have a couple different things we offer. One of the things we offer is our 100% grass fed beef we sell in ⅛ ¼ ½ or just ground beef, we also are doing flowers, we are open Monday Wednesday and Friday from 7-10am our address is 15017 county road 349, you can come out to the farm and pick as many flowers as you want and go to hams orchard down the road for lunch, we also do a bee removal service and afterwards we will put you in touch with our construction company DC&H construction for anything that need repairs.

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