My second blog

 My Book 

The book i am currently reading is called Raving Fans 

It talks about deciding what you want as a marketer and then changing your vision depending on what the customer wants. The book also says to not try to be everything to everyone because then you would just be mediocre at everything. Customer service comes first and sometimes that means letting a customer know that you as a company just aren't a good fit.

What we offer at Gfarms

 At Gfarms we offer Grass fed beef sold in 1/8's 1/4's and 1/2's delivered straight to your freezer!

We also Host flower cutting events for you and your family/friends to come down and have some great unplugged outdoor time. We will also direct you to the local orchard where you can go and have icecream or pick berries.

What i have learned this week

I learned that you have to have strong mentality when unexpected problems occur and not automatically freak out. It is better to ind a solution and then put that solution into practice rather than staying in the moment and getting nowhere at all.

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