My Second Year at Tarleton

This week I moved back to school, and i'm happy to be back! Now that I'm a Junior, all of my courses are major based and being a Pre-Vet major means I am taking science, math, and an animal nutrition class. While I know it will be challenging, I am ready to go through it and learn more about my career. During my time in school, I am also continuing to make calls and posts for the farm! 

Even though classes just began, I am already writing down important dates, and staying organized so I can stay on top of my schoolwork and not fall behind. I haven't read this week like I would've liked to but I am getting myself back in a routine so I will catch up soon! One of my favorite organizations I am apart of is Paradigm and I was so excited to go back this week and get to worship with my friends again. I am excited for what this year has in store, and using what I learned this summer to help me along the way!

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