Power washing and Staining a play set

Last week and early this week I helped our project manager Lacey, with power washing a play set and fence, followed by staining that play set. A task like this is not something that’s new to me. Iv done projects like this before in the past but it has been a while since then. It was back in high school where I worked for a Christian church camp/ranch and a real-estate developer who revamped old properties to re-sell them. There were many of times where I had to power wash and satin/paint fences and decks. 
But it was a first time for me to do a backyard play set. It was a little more frustrating at times getting in all the corners and crevices of the set. I used a roller and a small paint brush for the entirety of the play set. Between the power washing and the staining, it was a three day job. Once I got going with power washing and staining, time flew by and it didn’t feel like it took that long. 

I am currently reading the book fanatical prospecting and am about half way through it.  One theme that I have read over a few times thus fare is that when it comes to sells, you are you own CEO. Or at least you ought to view it that way. The book mentions you will never be truly motivated to sell for someone else so view it as selling for yourself. You are you own boss when it comes to cold calls, setting appointments, contacting costumers, etc. 

a man I meet a while back who was in a managing sells position asked me, “who do you work for?”  I answered, for the customer. He said nope, you work for your family. Your family, the ones you provide for, should be the motivation factor behind your work and every else that you do in your life. 

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