Replacing parts on the baler

This week had a new challenge for me. Our 604 R Classic baler has had some of its teeth been bent and broken off. For those of you who don’t know, the teeth are the metal rods under the baler that swing and pick up the hay to then get feed into the main chamber where it become a bale. 

I have come to learn that whenever I can, I need to take the guessing game out of farm equipment. First, I guessed on how many teeth we need to replace and I was about 15 teeth shy of what I actually needed. Lastly, I guessed on what kind of drill and bits to use and it ended up costing me two trips to tractor supply and one to Lowe’s.

Replacing the teeth itself was not to difficult other then the fact that they were located on the bottom and was a little uncomfortable. Where my frustration came from was the extra trips to the store and not finding the right bit I needed. It took a little longer then I would have thought but I learned how to replace the teeth along with a lesson in patience and doing my research of what tools I need and where I need to get it from. Trial and error can test one’s temper but can also be a good teacher.  

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