Summer Recap

As I get ready to go back to school, I have been reflecting on what I have learned during my time here and how I can apply it to my life and as I go back to Tarleton. A few things that have stuck out to me are be 1% better each day, "when you think you are done make one more call", and taking time to read personal growth books everyday makes a big difference.

Being 1% better each day can be applied to anything, whether that be my studies or personally as I go through school. This will help me grow and be a light to those around me as I am improving in some aspect every day. The quote, "When you think you are done make one more call" doesn't have to be applied to business but to life. For example when I am studying or doing homework, when I feel like I am done it's important to keep going even for 5 more minutes. While this may not seem like a big difference, small changes make big improvements and just 5 more minutes of studying could really help me on test day. Lastly, during my time here I've been reading 10 minutes everyday on personal growth and I can see a big improvement in myself from the time I started. I am confident in what I am doing, but still have room for improvement, I know how to handle situations on my own and know when I should ask for help. My communication is also something I have really grown in. Starting out making phone calls and talking to people was not something I did very often, but now I know how to and it's something I would say I enjoy. This internship has really helped me and I'm excited to take what I've learned back to college and in the future.








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