Think Smarter Not Harder

Growing up I have always heard the phrase, "Think Smarter Not Harder," and this week was the time I didn't hear those exact words but determined them for myself. In and out of the internship this has been a lesson that is going to be very important to not only my future career, but the steps preparing to get there. 

As of right now, I am set to graduate Undergrad December 2024. As a Pre-Vet major this means I will be going to Vet School Spring 2025 right after graduation. I have been doing research on which vet schools I will be applying to and there is only 32 in the U.S., which may seem like a lot but it is not. I figured out that if the application process is a year long process, I will have to apply next Spring semester which is crazy to think about just going into my 2nd semester. Although this may seem very fast to me, it's because I thought smarter in high school by taking so many dual credit courses, so I wouldn't have to go to college for 8 full years. Whenever I get in my head and start to get overwhelmed with it all, I just remember it will all be worth it in the long run once I graduate Vet School and and one step closer to my goal of owning my own practice.

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