Time Management

This week was my first full week of classes, and it's been busy! I have been getting used to my schedule and using my time wisely when I have breaks in order to get my calls, and other homework done. This is something I learned quickly this summer, because I was taking summer classes during my time physically at the farm. I have been making lists of my homework, schedule, and tasks I have to get done and it has helped me so much. I know my classes will get challenging as the semester goes on, but I am already studying for chemistry and biostatistics and this will help my stress level in the future. I am a visual person, so if you are to maybe this will help, when I make lists I write it down rather than typing it so when I complete the task I can go back and cross it off. It makes me feel good and satisfied that I can cross it off rather than just deleting it from my notes. 

Hopefully my small tips can help!

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