What I've Learned

This week I have gained a lot of insight through customer service and time management. On Monday and Tuesday I went on deliveries to Austin and Dallas. This was my first time going to Austin, seeing how excited the customers on both routes were, and how they enjoyed our customer service was just another reminder about how important it is. 

This week in Fanatical Prospecting, I have read the importance of using your phone to reach potential customers. I have also learned that your attitude and how others see you matters, you want to be happy and energetic about what you are selling and that is what customers see when they talk to you. Even if it's over the phone, they can tell if you want to be there. Having a good attitude is really important when going about your day, because you can then accomplish a lot and others will see how you hold yourself when dealing with a lot of stress and pressure. As an intern, I have responsibilities and tasks I have to get done. I am still working on time management with G Farms and my online summer class, but I have learned a lot about how to better handle it and get important tasks done first and make a list for my day. While I just started this, I can see an improvement in what I accomplish in a day and what I put at the top of the list the next day. 

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