Why Grass-Fed Beef?

Have you ever thought about what the animals you eat today were fed before they became part of your grocery list? I would assume for most people the answer is no. Maybe this blog will spark a little curiosity and concern as to what goes on in the food industry.

 I want you to understand the health benefits between grass-fed beef. When you do, I imagine you’ll consider making that burger at home rather than running through the drive thru.

If you make sure trip to the grocery store you will find that most of the beef available to you have been fed a grain diet. What exactly does that mean? These cows are fed corn and soy, but quite often there is more on their menu than strictly grains.

CNN reported that some grain-fed cows are actually fed many foods such as gummy candies, chocolate, even candy still in wrappers to help these cows fatten up and decrease cost of supply. These poor cattle are fed basically trash which causes havoc on their digestive system and overall health.


 If we wouldn't let our pets eat  candy in candy wrappers then why are we okay with our cattle consuming these diets? They may not be our pets but they are food for our children.

 How can grass-fed beef benefit your health? Is it really a better choice for yourself and those you love? Well, let's take a look...

 Grass-Fed beef have the potential to help fight cancer. Grass-Fed beef is one of the finest natural sources of Conjugated linoleic acids (Omega 3s). CLA's have been studied for their ability to prevent and treat cancer. They have also been known to help prevent and improve obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. CLA is being known as a “must have” to achieve optimal health today and into tomorrow.

 Grass-Fed beef is heart healthy. It has less overall fat and unhealthy fat. It has lower levels of cholesterol and rich in vitamins.

 Grass-fed beef is free from antibiotics. A lot of cattle farmers use antibiotics because their animals are confined to small spaces, and this increases the spread of disease. You need to be aware of the risk of antibiotics in meat, particularly factory-farmed meats, in how it contributes to antibiotic resistance in human. It is crucial you are aware what goes in your body as well as what goes in the body of the animals you rely on to provide a meal for your family.

 Grass-fed beef and buying fresh from the farm is a safer opinion. You are less likely to contract food poisoning when buying quality beef. Check out the consumer report below.


“One of the most significant findings of our research is that beef from conventionally raised cows was more likely to have bacteria overall, as well as bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics, than beef from sustainably raised cows. We found a type of antibiotic-resistant S. aureus bacteria called MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus), which kills about 11,000 people in the U.S. every year, on three conventional samples (and none on sustainable samples). And 18 percent of conventional beef samples were contaminated with superbugs — the dangerous bacteria that are resistant to three or more classes of antibiotics — compared with just 9 percent of beef from samples that were sustainably produced. We know that sustainable methods are better for the environment and more humane to animals. But our tests also show that these methods can produce ground beef that poses fewer public health risks.”

When you eat grass-fed beef, especially from G Farms, you are not only doing something good for you and those you love but you’re also eating with a conscious and promoting the proper treatment of cows. Our cows graze freely like they were created to do. They move anywhere between 10-12 hours a day. Happy grass-fed cows are healthy cows. With G Farms, you can be assured you are feeding your family the highest quality of beef.

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