Cowpooling - 1/2

Blog Post #7

Hey everyone!  Thank you for reading my blog post today.  This is my 7th blog post, and the last of my series over our packages.  The topic at hand in today’s article is our largest package, the 1/2.  

If you missed my articles over the 1/4 and 1/8, you’re in luck.  Click the links below to catch up on my series!

Cowpooling - 1/8 :

Cowpooling - 1/4 :

The 1/2

Also known as a “side of beef”, the 1/2 is a perfect match for large families, grill masters, and families who like to entertain.  Could this package be perfect for you? Read on to find out!


Like what you see?  Perfect.  The average hanging weight of the 1/2 is 300-350 pounds.  That's a lot of beef!!  But to be more specific, what cuts of beef?  This package comes with steaks, such as sirloins, filets, strips, and bone-in ribeyes.  Our steaks are cut at 1 1/4 inches, and round steaks are cut at 1/2 inch and tenderized.  You will also receive a chuck roast, arm roast, rump roast, and pikes roast.  On top of that, we also include ribs, soup bones, and ground beef.  The distribution of the package is 1/3 Steaks + Ribs, 1/3 Roasts, and 1/3 Ground Beef, plus a bag of soup bones.  Think about all the endless possibilities that come with it!  Give your family the dinners they deserve, and rest easy knowing they are well fed.

The G Farms Way

Why G Farms?  We will deliver the beef & organize it all in your freezer, to save you the work and time!  You've already got enough to worry about, so allow us to make the process stress-free and seamless for you.  We have worked closely with our Chef Council to supply you with the information needed to create the perfect plate.  Unfamiliar with grass fed?  Scared to make the switch from grocery store beef?  I totally understand your concerns.  It is easy to stay in our comfort zones and avoid trying new things.  BUT - If you want beef that tastes better, is better for you, and is overall better environmentally and economically - G Farms will assist you in making the transition as easy as possible.  We provide you with a Meal Prep Guide that is exclusive to our customers, and periodically check in to make sure you and your family are enjoying everything.

The End of an Era: Cowpooling Series

This marks the end of my series over our 3 essential cowpooling packages.  It has been a pleasure to share more about our packages with all of you.  I'm just as sad to see the series end as you are.  On the bright side, I will continue to make a weekly blog post to keep you guys in the loop about life on the farm!  I am very excited to continue sharing my thoughts with all of you every week.

Are there any topics that you want to see discussed on my blog?  Drop them below in the comments!


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