Cowpooling - 1/8


Blog Post #3!!!

Hey everyone!  Thank you for taking the time to read my third blog post.  The weather is warming up! Well, it’s raining now, but still!  All the summertime festivities are right around the corner! Who’s ready for the cookouts, pool parties, fireworks on the 4th of July, and everything else that comes with the heat of summer?  I know I am! If you aren’t ready yet, you’re in luck, there’s still time to prepare! We are currently running a promotion for free delivery at the time of this post, so stock up now for an even lower rate & make sure your family is well fed during the dog days of summer!  


The 1/8

This post is the first of three about each of our packages.  Next week, we will be talking about the 1/4. The following week will be a post over the 1/2.  In today’s post, we will be talking about our smallest and most popular package, G Farms Cowpooling Beef 1/8.  Keep reading to find out more about the 1/8, and determine if it’s perfect for you or someone you know!


Additional Info

How can you resist after hearing that?  Not only is the 1/8 perfect for couples and families with small children, but it also makes for a great wedding or housewarming gift!  Worried about not having enough room for that much beef? Only taking up 2 cubic feet of freezer space, the 1/8 is a great size for anyone in an apartment, condo, rental, or a home with limited freezer space.  


Eat your steak in style!  Sirloins, Filets, Strips, and Bone-In Ribeye’s.  Our steaks are cut at 1 1/4 inches, and round steaks are cut at 1/2 inch and tenderized.  The 1/8 comes with chuck roast, along with either an arm or rump roast. The 1/8 also includes ribs, soup bones, and the remainder of the meat is ground beef.



We will personally deliver your beef and organize it in your freezer.  It doesn’t stop there! We have worked closely with high caliber chefs to create the 5 steps to the $100 plate.  When we come for delivery, we will show you how to “Wow!” anybody and everybody who tries our beef. Along with showing you the best way to prepare your beef, we will also go over the best ways to preserve your beef in your freezer.  



Thank you for reading the third of my blog posts, and the first of this series over our packages.  Come back next week for a post over the 1/4! Interested in the 1/8? Click here to view the 1/8.

Have any questions?  Give me a call or text.  I would be happy to help!  Contact Me - Brandon @ 214-802-6516





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