Cowpooling - 1/4

Blog Post #5

Ladies and gentlemen, we have reached blog post 5!  Halfway to double digits. If you have been keeping up with my weekly blog posts so far, I want to thank you.  It has been an overwhelming yet amazing opportunity to share my experiences at G Farms with y’all every week! If this is your first time reading, welcome & thank you for taking the time to read!

Life Update

Today marks the beginning of finals week at Texas State.  How exciting!  The next 8 days will consist of countless hours binge studying, dangerously high stress levels, and sleep deprivation.  I'm not sure if I'm ready for the battle that awaits me, but I KNOW I am ready to be done with this semester!  After finals, maybe it'll finally stop raining, so we can all enjoy some relaxing time outdoors.  I know I could use some leisure right about now!


This article is the 2nd addition to my series over each of our packages. If you didn’t get a chance to read the first post of the series, click the link below to catch up!



We made it to May!  It feels like we are getting more rain than we can handle!  I thought it was supposed to be April showers, May flowers??  Hopefully after we make it through next week we can be DONE with this constant downpour.  But wait... After this rain... Doesn't that mean... Summer is coming next?  The kids will be out of school, you'll spend time outdoors and traveling, it'll be 100+ degrees everyday (150 degrees when you get in your sun-baked car), and you will suddenly feel busier than ever before. 

The stress and heat of summer also bring family and friends together to celebrate.  Fourth of July, cookouts, pool parties, family reunions, whatever the occasion! Are you prepared for the fun times awaiting you and your family this summer?  Even if you aren't, make sure your freezer is prepared!


The 1/4

Today we will be talking about our “Middle Child” package, the 1/4!  Not quite as big as our largest package, the 1/2, yet towers over our smallest package, the 1/8.

I created the info-graphic below to consolidate the basic information about our 1/4 package into one image. 

Is this package perfect for your family?  Do you have the freezer space?  What are you receiving when you order the 1/4 from G Farms? How will we get the beef to you?

This will help answer your questions!


This package was designed for families of 3-4 that consist of teens and adults.  The 1/4 is ideal for the middle-sized family.  The 1/4 averages 150-175 pounds hanging weight & only takes up 4 cubic feet of freezer space.

Are you a self-proclaimed beef enthusiast or grill master?  Does your family love to entertain?  The 1/4 is the way to go!  The sirloins, strips, filets & bone-in ribeyes will make anyone who tries want to come back for more! 

You will also receive some roasts when you purchase the 1/4!  Chuck roast, arm roast, rump roast, and pikes roast.  Prepare one of these roasts & watch everyone flock to it! 

The rest of the package consists of ribs, soup bones, and ground beef. 



Is the 1/4 perfect for you?  Someone you know?  Check it out on our online store below!

Thank you for reading my 5th blog post & the 2nd over our Cowpooling packages.  Stay tuned for my blog post over our largest package, the 1/2.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. 

Brandon - 214-802-6516




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