What is Cowpooling? - Answering your questions!

Blog Post #4

Hey everyone!  Thank you for reading my fourth blog post!  I know it's a very hectic time of year for all of us.  Lately, it feels like as soon as we complete a task, two more tasks pop up in its place!  Sometimes you just need a break.  Well this is your opportunity!  Take a break from the chaos, and take a minute to read and learn more about Cowpooling!  Ready to make the switch to grass-fed-beef?  Want to know the farmer personally?  This article will tell you everything you need to know about Cowpooling, and hopefully offer some insight about any potential questions you may have! 

What is Cowpooling?

Ever heard of carpooling?  Same concept - but replace car with cow!  Cowpooling is putting families together to purchase a live animal.  Multiple families from the same region come together to purchase an entire cow.  We handle the groupings for you in order to create a stress free process for our customers.  Families have the option of choosing between 1/8, 1/4, or 1/2 of a cow, or any combination thereof.  Each package contains the following. 

What are the benefits of switching to grass-fed?

Never bought fresh from the farm before?  Ready to make the switch but hesitant to pull the trigger?  This blog post from Kelsey goes into great detail about the benefits of buying grass fed beef from G Farms.  https://gfarmsonline.com/blogs/intern-life-on-the-farm/why-grass-fed-beef

Where do we offer service?

We currently have 3 different cowpooling groups.  We serve the Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin areas.  Not sure if we serve your area?  Ask!  Reach out to us on Facebook or call/e-mail one of the team members!  Find us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/GFarms16

How do I get the beef?

Once your cowpooling group is full, the beef is dropped off from the farm at the processor.  We hang our beef for 21 days to ensure the highest quality and best tasting beef.  Hanging the beef improves flavor by allowing natural enzymes in the meat to break down through dry aging.  This process also allows the water in the meat to evaporate, which concentrates the flavor.  After processing and packaging, we pick up the beef from the processor & deliver it directly to your home.  Upon delivery, we will organize your beef in your freezer and show you the 5 steps to the $100 plate! 

How much beef does my family need?

Wondering which package would be best for you?  This depends on the size of your family & how much beef your family eats.  This infographic below will help you determine which package is perfect for your family! 

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