5 Steps to the Perfect Plate

If you have ever ordered beef from us here at the farm then you have heard the 5 steps to the perfect plate. This process was specifically designed by our chef council to help our customers prepare, and cook grass-fed beef. The steps I discuss with you are thawing, tenderizing, flavor, cooking, and resting. As I deliver your beef and organize it into your freezer for you. I go over these steps and send them to you via email, to ensure you will always have them. These 5 steps have proven to work and have had great feedback from our wonderful customers. these 5 steps are the following:

The 5 steps to the $100 plate:
1. Thaw - never in the microwave or under hot water
2. Tenderizing - For steaks and ribs, coat liberally with coarse grain Kosher or sea salt; let sit out an hour per inch (steaks & ribs are an hour). Rinse all salt off thoroughly and pat dry. Using a 48-blade tenderizer works well. Combing these three methods is very rewarding! Remember, this is grass-fed. Our stock moves around 8-10 hours a day, so don't take any shortcuts on tenderizing.
3. Flavor - use whole herbs in their natural, fresh form; leaves, roots, bulbs, stems
4. Cooking - steaks and ground beef have shorter cook times that grocery store beef. Roast & ribs go longer; low and slow is your friend with ribs and roasts.
5. THE REST! - When you take your meat off the heat, let it rest for 5 - 8 minutes. You can cover it with foil to preserve the heat. I do.

The book I am currently reading (7 habits of highly effective people) talks about "seek first to understand than to be understood." That statement alone is so powerful. I have struggled my entire life with not fully listening and worrying about what I was going to say next instead of paying attention. This was a problem once I joined the farm, I was treating my customers as if I don't care what they have to say, instead, I was cutting them off in mid-conversation and began to ramble. Now that I have understood what important lesson this book is teaching me, I have learned to shut up and listen as well as to talk slower and use enunciation. I use this method as I explain the 5 steps to my customers, to ensure they understand verbally and understand the questions they ask me. 1% better every day is turning into 10-15% better, each month that goes by. More growing ahead, it does not stop here.

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