A Lesson in Business

A lesson in business: 

This past week I have gotten the privilege to be a part of many different facets of the G Farms business. So far this week I have learned the basics of how the Facebook algorithm works, how to make effective/ personal calls to our clients, and how to put a work schedule together. Something that was emphasized in this meeting was to make small changes so we can track if they actually worked. The example given to me was if product A was red but wasn’t selling well you shouldn’t completely rebrand to blue. Instead, try red with some additives of blue, or maybe mix the two to make purple and see if it sells better.


Fanatical prospecting: 

Chapter 6 in Fanatical Prospecting is all about knowing your numbers. At any given time you should be able to know how many calls you have made and how many people from those calls might be interested. It doesn’t explicitly say this in the book but organization is essential. You must keep the number of calls you have made as well as the quality of those calls. These are both elements of performance. You can make a ton of calls but if none of those calls lead anywhere then they were ultimately a waste of time. But if you make fewer calls however some of those actually end up in leads then your time was used more effectively!


High, low, buffalo: 

This is a game that my Bible study in college does and I thought it might be nice to implement in my blog posts. It is the high and low of your week and then something odd or worth mentioning that doesn’t really fit into either category. 


I found a host home to live in while I am doing this internship! (I am from Argyle, Tx.) 


No one came out to pick flowers for my event day, I think this is due to some faults with my advertisements. Every mistake is an area to learn. 

This is my new and improved flyer!



The property we are cutting hay for has a bunch of amazingly sweet animals! Every time I got out of the tractor 4 little puppies would be swarming around my legs and it was impossible not to pet them! I am now a firm believer work is always better when four puppies are there to cheer you on. 


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