A newborn calf

I am 49 years old this past month. 49, and a newborn calf in the winter still blows me away.

Calving season is January through February to get the absolute most out of the grazing season for calves and their best, highest growth months. The highest growth months are the months where calves start to graze combined with still being on the cow to nurse for milk. These combination high growth impact months are March through October. Therefore we plan our calves to be born in January & February, like so many other cattleman because this works. It has for as long as I have been alive and then some. 

The amazing part? Well, new calves were hitting the ground like crazy this last week. Cows love a good, late night, storm, worse possible weather scenario out there to calf in. It is the way of the west and I'm sure their plotted payback to me.

True to from, these girls laid down and calved one right after another here. Same for all my buddies as we talked on the phone over late night coffee to warm up after the long days. They did it in the 20s, then in the teens overnight, then in zero degree and some even in the negative degree weather.

I get blown away every time. I am a man of Faith. My Faith is not renewed, but aw struck I guess. Here is why. Calves born on snow in zero degrees has this impact on me. I look up with a smile, awe, and gratitude. These calves are born wet, like any other birth. It is how it happens from the womb, embryonic sack, to right out  on the snow. ON TO THE SNOW, IN ZERO DEGREES! I hate walking out into the cold. These jokers are born in it, and on it, WET! 

The calf gets up within the hour, wobbles over, and starts to nurse. It never once, not even for a moment shivers. Wait, it is soaking wet, snow coming down, lying in the snow, left a well warmed womb, extreme temperature change in minutes, and never once shows any sing of being cold. How is that? There is only one way. The way of the Father. It is so well designed so that the temps don't matter. 

For over 40 years I have stared at this, year after year, calf after calf in wonder, amazement, respect, and awe. There is simply only one way, one Maker, one Wonder. 

I do pray this renews hope, and maybe even instills Faith for someone out there. - Willie G

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