Are you where you need to be?

This is a question I ask myself a lot, and the short answer is no, I am not. However, I am in the right direction. What I mean by this is I am placed here for a reason and I am thankful for that, but as far as mindset wise, I am not where I need to be. This is where my motivation kicks in, I see the progress each week, I see myself reacting to certain things differently, my mindset is changing for the better, but I still have a ways to go. The book I am currently reading (7 habits of highly effective people) explains paradigm's. My mind has worked one certain way my entire life, it has a specific pattern of how I think, talk, and move, which mostly are bad habits.  However, there is such thing as a paradigm switch. In this book he talks about Experiencing a certain time, or event in your life to where your outlook changes. For an example, you are sitting in a waiting room at the hospital. You notice a child who is loud, disruptive, constantly running around, has no discipline, and just flat out does not care about his surroundings. The parent, who is sitting next to you, does not pay attention, nor does not discipline the child for being obnoxious. As you gather your thoughts, and begin to be very irritated, you lean over and ask the parent to simply calm the child down. The parent looks at you with sad eyes, and begins to explain how the child's mother just died a few hours ago, and the child does not even know how to deal with the pain. At this moment your paradigm changes, your outlook on the whole situation changes, your mind changes on how you look at the situation. This is exactly how my mind is starting to change, since starting here at the farm my paradigm is changing for the better. My outlook is starting to shift and I am noticing it. No I am not where I need to be, but I am where I want to be and the path I am on is heading in the right direction.

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