Backyard Ranchers

Although the thought of having a yard full of cows may sound easy enough but you may be in for a surprise.

I have been seeing a huge increase in the interest of people wanting their own cattle. Some are jumping into it without much thought. A few things to consider before pulling the trigger.

Do you have enough land? Average acres per cow is 1.8 acres. Keep in mind all they do is graze and more than one will eat it up quickly. Also, keep in mind you need to supplement with hay. Some ranchers do use salt and mineral blocks too. Another expense to consider.

What happens when they are sick? This could be a real booger. Are you going to call a vet? If you do be prepared to already have the cow pinned and ready for the vet. And good luck trying to find a vet that will come to you. Truck, trailer and have a cowboy ready to help load the cow and haul to the vet. I won't even talk about the vet bill.

Cow on a walk-about. Yes it happens, be prepared that it may get out. What then? KNOW YOUR LAWS! I highly recommend you become familiar with what happens if it eats your neighbors garden up or their landscape. Not to forget, if someone hits your cow with their vehicle while in the road.

What breed of cow? Are you raising for beef or milk cow? Know your cows, get an understanding of what they are bred for. What produces the best beef and milk? And dont forget the climate. You dont want a Highland breed for the Texas heat. 

This is just an introduction of things to consider. People underestimate the work involved of a rancher/farmer. 


God Bless the Farmer

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