Balancing Work and Life

Trying to balance work and life is an issue. 

The attempt to separate the two becomes a difficult task at times, especially if you work with your husband. As the family sits at the dinner table, we tend to discuss work therefore bringing work home. 

My personal goal for the next few months is to try to separate the two and become more focus on work things at work and home things at home. Not saying you won't catch me trying to mother a coworker with too much advice or micromanaging my husband. 

So.. being open to solutions, quality time (even if its 5 minutes) just me, my truck and some tunes before I step into the house. As a rule, my husband (the chicken farmer) and I are not allowed to mention chickens or cows.  Just discuss the other livestock we own, our children, ha!

On a not so lighthearted note, it's so easy to get caught up in the work life balance, not realizing you need to leave it behind on the other side of your front door. Dr. James Dobson reflects a lot of not bringing the outside world to the  inside of relationships, it takes practice on separating the two as he reminds us repeatedly. 

I am open to hearing how others keep it separated and let go of work before they walk in their front door.  


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