Beauty in our sorrows

In life we all experience joys and sorrows. No one is exempt from sorrows or painful experiences. We all go through pain. Some more so than others. One person may go through a lifetime of heart break whereas another lived a Hallmark tale that ended in tragedy.

There is beauty in the thorns of life. I don't think a single person can say 2020 has been without its thorns. Either yourself, someone you know or a person connected to your circle have been greatly impacted this year. Many have lost jobs. Loved ones have passed on. Marriages have ended. Countless people are fighting anxiety, depression and loneliness. Thorns are everywhere but there can be beauty and new growth that blooms.

Empathy. What is more beautiful than someone holding you up while you crumble to pieces? What is more loving than the hands that cup your tears? I would bet those that show the deepest empathy are those who have experienced great deal of pain. They allowed beauty to bloom in their hurt and sorrows. Maybe the very thorns in your life are so you can be the one to catch another person's tears.

The holidays represent a thorn in my life. I have many negative experiences around the holidays that not many people know about. 2020 hasn't made it any easier but I can make a choice. I can have a positive or negative response. I can choose to focus on the thorns that have left scars and caused pain or I can let new growth bloom.

As we wrap up 2020 let's all allow a little more beauty to bloom out of the thorns.

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