Bee Aware!!

Well, it is almost that time of year and do you know who to call when it happens?

G Farms!

Why do bees swarm? 

The sight of swarming bees can certainly cause anxiety in some people.

However, you should know that swarming is a fundamental and almost magical part of the bee’s life cycle.

Let’s think about bee reproduction. During the year the queen bee lays lots of eggs, the worker bees are born and form the colony. We call it the “individual bee reproduction“. Keep in mind that a worker bee only lives few months. If bees would reproduce only in this way, bees would have difficulties to reproduce as a species.

Imagine living with a house full of people, so you look for a bigger place. When this happens they will swarm in the most creative places, like your attic, cellar , or barn. That's when you need US! So bee on the lookout!

During this time a colony can grow massively, both in terms of number of worker bees and needed space. The available space becomes smaller and smaller. How would you feel if your home is packed with so many people? You would probably split up and find a new place to live. This is what bees do when they swarm7.

When bees swarm, it means that one colony just became two colonies. We call it the “reproduction at the colony level”.

With swarming, bees try to solve a very apparent space problem and in the same time they follow their instinct of survival and reproduction.

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