Always Learning Something New

I have cooked steaks my entire life. Watching my dad be the pit master as a child and learning the way he marinates, seasonds, and cooks is the way I have done it my entire life. Since starting here at the farm I have learned a few methods that have blown my mind. These methods come from a chef council that has the G Farms team explain to our customers the best way to prepare and cook our beef the right way. This is called "5 steps to the perfect plate." When I first learned this process I honestly was way to lazy to try it. I was so use to buying store bought beef and throwing it into the microwave to thaw, and not caring about any other way to prepare because it was the fastest. These 5 steps talk about preparation, tenderizing, flavoring, cooking, and resting. Once I gave this a try, you wouldn't believe the finished product. I felt like I have eaten a steak from the Reunion Tower in Dallas. Tender, great flavor, moist, and most importantly I COOKED IT. I surprised myself on how easy and effective it was. Now when I explain to my customers these steps, I know exactly what I am talking about since I experienced it first hand. 

My previous blog I talked about mentoring. The reason I bring this up is because the book I am currently reading (7 habits of Highly Effective People) brought up something to my attention that hit me pretty hard this week. the book simply states "there's a time to teach, and there is a time not to teach." What does this mean? I asked myself this in my car quite a few times, and it's simple. This whole mentoring process is about reaching your goals. To get to those goals takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and guidance. Yes, the G Farms team and I will help you get there however, it is up to you to get there yourself. I can show you your paths and lead you down them, but I cannot do it for you. There have been times to where I want to give up and let someone else do the work only due to the reason that I felt overwhelmed. At the end of the day I pushed through, and Willie knows this, he knows I will struggle but the genius part about it is I taught myself how to pull through, he guided me on what path to take, once he led me there he stands at a distance and watches me take off. Now that doesnt mean he stopped helping, he's always there to teach but there are times where he stops teaching in order for me to learn, and that my friends is how you become successful. 

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