Beyond the Beef

As I approach my third month with G Farms, I have come to realize that there is more going on here than just the beef. So I am going to just share with you in this blog post what is going on behind the scenes here at G Farms.

Some may not be aware that there is a sister company that does construction! Yes we do that too!! From big projects to little handy man work. DC&H Construction does it all. We have an amazing team that can tackle any situation. 

Hey! We sell hay too! If Willie isn't selling beef he is directing which field is being cut next, where the deliveries are going and he can be seen in a hay field too. A new addition has been implemented into his business. Tree trimming with disposal! He has hired an amazing leader to get this up and running. 

G farms also offers motivational speaking, internships, farms tours are pending. Pushing the limits of leadership and mentorship is the driving force of G Farms. We are a family supporting each other, praying for one another and stepping up to help in all areas.

The "G", as Willie is referred to, is constant.  Always growing the farm, loving and supporting our customers. He can be heard saying his name is on it so he will always make it right. We love our customers! 

We are beyond beef.



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