Blog number three

Hello, my name is Jake. I am currently working as an intern at G Farms. A little bit about me, I am a junior at Rockwall High School. I am currently serving as one of our FFA chapter officers. I have a big interest in agriculture, mechanics, and law enforcement. My plans after high school are to attend college and become a Texas Game Warden.

This week has been a tough week. we have been at the firewheel mall balling the fields out there and 2 of three fields have very little hay and hard to see where the hay is. Also, we have been dealing with the heat, the tractor has been overheating a bit so it's hot out there for sure.

Some of the things I learned this week was how to be more aware of the tractor and equipment. I was constantly watching the temperature gauge making sure the tractor didn't overheat and when it got hot, I faced it into the wind and popped the hood to let it sit and clean out the air filter. I have also learned how to be more aware of the equipment i have been using the rake a lot this week and have become very aware of how it runs turns and how far out it is. 

In my book the big leap it was talking about braking family traditions and going outside of them. if you go outside of your family norms your family will still be there for you when you need them, they might nit be happy at first but they will still be there for you.

At G Farms we have a couple different things we offer. One of the things we offer is our 100% grass fed beef we sell in ⅛ ¼ ½ or just ground beef, we also are doing flowers, we are open Monday Wednesday and Friday from 7-10am our address is 15017 county road 349, you can come out to the farm and pick as many flowers as you want and go to hams orchard down the road for lunch, we also do a bee removal service and afterwards we will put you in touch with our construction company DC&H construction for anything that need repairs.


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