Breaking it down

Consumers want to have a connection to their food. They desire to know where it was produced and what it is they are consuming. You don’t have to move to a ranch, own your own land or cattle to know where your food is coming from. There are a variety of ways to support your local farmers or grow your own produce with ease. (Side note: The owner of the farm also owns a construction company and we can build you raised beds to grow your own food-check out

 At G Farms you have the option of purchasing a cowpooling package that is appropriate for your family size.  For singles, couples or families with small children our 1/8 package would be best for you. You will find that the 1/8 fits in a standard fridge freezer with ease.  If you have a family that consumes beef on a more regular basis, have multiple children or hungry teenagers, take a look at our 1/4 package. A chest or upright freezer will be best suited for this size package. With all of our packages you receive a third in steaks and ribs, a third in roasts and a third in ground beef. You even get a bag of soup bones. Some customers enjoy roasting the bones and eating the marrow. I personally like to toss one or two in with a roast while it cooks low and slow in the crock-pot.

 Knowing your farmer and where your food comes from is like a throwback to the preindustrial ways of living. You can call your farmer, meet your farmer and personally know the farm hands. We deliver every order and load the freezer for you. Every package has the tag number clearly on the label. This allows us to keep track of who received what. When you go to the grocery and purchase meat, are you able to track which cow, chicken or pig it came from? The answer is no. If there was ever a recall on that product the entire lot is taken off the shelf across multiple stores or even states.  With our beef we can go directly to each customer to personally warn if we ever have any concern. (By the way, we have never had any recalls.) The group is isolated to maybe 8 families’ vs hundreds of thousands of people with no real way of keeping track who has what product.

There is a great misconception that buying farm fresh is too expensive.  When you break down what an a family of 4-5 will spend on average eating out or going through the drive-thru 3x a week, you are purchasing an 1/8 package. Do you find value in eating a home cooked meal? We also provide split payment options, discount codes for Teachers, First Responders and Military/Veterans.


When it comes to the food you feed your family, what is important to you?

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