Cowpooling 1/8th package

If you have been following my blogs you may have noticed I mainly focused on my growing experience. Even though, these are great topics, I noticed I haven't mentioned anything about what I provide to families across Texas. To that being said here is some more information about the 1/8 package, and hopefully to anyone who is curious, this will answer your questions that you may have. 

The 1/8 package is what I recommend to small families. Usually a married couple with 2 small children, or even a larger family, who is new to our grass fed beef, that is still somewhat on the fence about ordering. The 1/8 has gained popularity as a perfect wedding and or house warming gift! The 1/8 takes up about 2 cubic feet of freezer space. It is ideal for apartments, condos, rentals, and first-time home owners.

There's many different scenarios of why I would recommend someone the 1/8, but its mainly a great way to introduce a family to this type of beef. It is a smaller portion, but it is less intimidating. We have many families that order a 1/8 every 6 months. I would rather smaller families do this instead of ordering a lot of beef at one time. The 1/8 includes the following: Sirloins, filets, strips, & bone-in ribeye's - all cut at 1 1/4", round steaks cut at 1/2" and tenderized. Chuck roast and either an arm or rump roast. You get ribs, soup bones, and the remainder is ground beef.

So as you can see, you are getting quite a bit of beef for a affordable cost, that will last up to 6 months. The great thing about us at G Farms, is that many families eat red more often than others. If that is the case, you can re order at anytime, no delivery fees, or extra costs. We simply want to help keep your family fed from our farm to your table. 

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